About me

baby me cecile dash

This is me….:)

Height: 168 CM

Weight: wanting to be 63 kilo’s but always stuck around 65 kilo’s

Haircolor: Changes all the time, currently blondish

Eye color: grey/greenish

Favorite drink: Red bull arghh i know bad habit!!!

Favorite food: Sushi

Allergic to: Avocado (sucks big time!)

Hobby’s: playing chess with my dad 🙂 (not really but it gives me a reason

to post this adorable pic of me and my dad)

chess dad

Playing chess with di Papa

Goals, dreams and wishes in life…..to live happily (and healthy) ever after with my “naturally gifted at many things husband” and two beautiful children; Kingston (5) and Paige (3). Maybe, to succeed as an author although i need to define success for myself first! To help others, that are in need of help.

dash family in congo

The Dash Family au Congo

Thats about it! Oh, you wanted more?

OK here we go, I was born in The Hague, The Netherlands in ’83. I grew up in the oh so beautiful city of Breda. I am the eldest of six siblings, I have one brother and four sisters. Yes my brother went crazy sometimes and even joined the army to break free of his crazy sisters. I met my husband almost 14 years ago in London and we’ve been together ever since. At the time a Canadian backpacker, currently a career in oil & gas but is actually an Archeologist. My parents recently moved to Kenia and are recognizing some of the crazy things we went through moving to Africa. Oh and I love my life including everyone in it! THE END…or to be continued…..


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