Weeks pregnant: 32

Blood pressure: Normal, a bit too low

Hormone levels: I haven’t killed anyone….yet

I am counting down the days till the arrival of our baby girl, being pregnant is a beautiful unique experience but this time it has taken a toll on my body and I am exhausted. Having two kids running around and a husband who is back in Congo doesn’t make it any easier. So even though I try to cherish and enjoy this last pregnancy (there will be no more after this one) I also cant wait for it to be over and to get the reward…my baby girl!

Somebody however will still have to convince Paige (my first daughter) of the following:

  1. No you really do not have a baby in your belly!!!
  2. This baby girl will not be named: ELSA, OLAF or ANNA or any other character name from Frozen or other Disney cartoon.

This week was an exciting week for me as I received my first hardcopy of Knocked up abroad again! Featuring one of my stories; my experience regarding adoption and adoption from my friends’ orphanage; Mwana Villages. IT IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW!! So look no further, this is a great Christmas gift for any mother or father worldwide (yes, the concept of this book Markets well).

Did I mention that we are moving back to Congo!!! My husband is already back in Pointe Noire and just found us a new home. The kids and I will stick around in The Netherlands until after the baby is born and then we will head back to our other home. I am super excited and am enjoying our time here more than ever knowing we will leave again.

My menagere (maid) Christelle and I keep sending eachother pics of our lifes…me of the cold fall weather, and she sends me pics of the hot looking streets in Pointe Noire. We both cant wait to be reunited again! But for now I will continue to enjoy Ikea vs. Orca, Kentucky Fried Chicken vs. KAFCC, fully stocked supermarkets vs. Park ‘n Shop (although I just received some pics of the new and improved Park ‘n Shop, sorry Charlotte I still prefer Albert Heijn) and H&M vs. the Grand Marche and the cold vs. the crazy hot Congo weather!

Bon Weekend!



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