The Hormonal Move & a new BOOK!

Yah… so I’ve been a little absent from my blog……so lets recap the last couple of months;

We were going to move to Accra, Ghana…then that didn’t happen. I fell pregnant with our third child and have never experienced the level of morning sickness that i just went through. Finally we were moving “home” Holland that is although nowhere really feels like home anymore. Many changes in a very short period of time … leaving a life and people behind that we loved. Organizing a move whilst constantly being sick from my pregnancy. Saying goodbyes and trying not to throw up was really challenging to say the least.

The people that know me, know that I get EXTREMELY HORMONAL during my pregnancies and therefor in order for me to keep my friendships it is better to lay on the down low whilst being pregnant. That way I reduce the risk of unintentionally hurting people by my (hormonal) comments. This is part of the reason (the other one is simply being to sick) why I havent been blogging.

Going from my first ultrasound in Congo to meeting lice-mothers at the new school of my children has been and still is quite the contrast:

Lice-mothers; My son came home from his first day of school and I asked him how it went. “It was fun and there was this mom who was checking my hair”. Hmmm ok, so after enquiring with the teacher it turned out they were checking for lice. Not only that but if I wanted I could also volunteer to be a lice-mom.  Apparently it is normal to have lice-mothers that check all the kids for lice after the summer break, actually, after every break.

My first ultrasound; was during my medical check in Pointe Noire whilst we were still preparing to move to Ghana (Accra), which is not happening anymore. There was no one available to work the ultrasound machine but Dr. Makaya who was doing our medicals told me he knew how to work the machine if I was ok with that. After having a miscarriage in February I was now desperate to hear a heartbeat so yes I agreed to let Dr. Makaya do it. So him, my children and myself went on a search to find the ultrasound machine, we found it in a dark room in the basement of the clinic and I remember thinking this would only happen in Congo. But he did know how to work it and he found the heartbeat of our little girl who is due in January 2017.

For now we are back in Holland and we are still disorientated, havent found a new routine yet and are finding it hard to pick up our old life…as it doesn’t exist anymore. In the meantime life in Congo and in The Netherlands continues and somehow we need to find our way back to a “normal” life and routine. Our children adapt quite easily although not having a maid or private pool takes some getting used too. But we realize that these are all luxury problems. We will survive 🙂

We will stay put in Holland until the baby is born and after that we will head out for a new adventure….where ever that may be.

Today is an exciting day because it is the first day of our kickstarter campaign to launch a new book that features some of my stories. The book is called: Knocked up Abroad Again and it features stories of 26 women from all over the world and their experiences of giving birth, raising children, adoption and much more. Go check out our kickstarter campaign and help us turn this book into reality:  My story is about adoption and my experience of growing up with a brother and sister that are adopted from Haiti. Then, years later moving to Congo and being on the “other” side of the adoption process.



One comment

  1. frustratednester · September 19, 2016

    Welcome back supermom! Hope you’re finding some balance. Keep flinging those doors open! Miss you x


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