Pffff……. so here I go……. from writing in a journal to writing a blog (yes I know, another mother-blogger)! When we first moved to Congo the idea was to write in a journal so my children later on in life could read back through all the crazy memories we have made since moving here (The Republic of Congo that is). But someone (yes Catriona this was you) gave me the courage to do more with my journal. Which I did and now I am going to be published in a book!!! OMG, yes an actual book!

So if I am going to be published in a book then obviously I need a blog, that’s my train of thoughts. What else….oh yes a picture, the picture will be published in the book too. So, my passport photo is not suitable, I crinch every time I see it in my passport. It reminds me of a horrible moment stressing to get passport photos taken with two children, in the pouring rain in a dodgy photo booth van parked outside city hall in Breda, The Netherlands. Because I wanted my children to look good on their passport photos, bad idea! As the photographer was getting angrier and angrier with me after two retakes I decided to let it go. The result….three horrible passport pictures that are stuck with us until we get new passports. I did get “author” pictures now yeey, thanks to a great photographer friend! Cecile Dash

A blog needs to have a name… this will be mine! But let me explain; I don’t want to insinuate that I am a supermom but…….

Every mom that packed up her life and moved to a different country is a SUPERMOM to me! As this is scary, emotional and exhausting but it also requires some pretty serious organizational skills! But apart from a few, every mom can call themselves Supermoms! This starts with giving birth…..fuck that’s hard! So yes if you survived giving birth here is my Supermom cheer to you!



Blog statistics

So I guess another valid point is how to create attention to my blog? Sure most friends and family will read my first blog post, or you will pretend to read it! (please do pretend
as its important to me )

But are my stories any different from other people you know? I like to think they are, as the life I am currently living is soooooo different and weird from the one I left behind. So will my blog add value to you? What does that even mean? If you are bored and take your phone to the bathroom to read my blog, does that add value to me? Hmmmm, I guess so?! But lets agree that if my blogs are super boring you will give me feedback or even ask me to write about certain topics. Maybe you always wondered if people in Congo use tampons too? Or you know these container bins you can “donate” your old clothes into to be send to Africa. Where do they go? Well I have seen those bags here and they sell them, not for much but they sure are not getting donated. Oh and no they don’t use tampons here. I have given my maid a box of tampons before and she thought she could clean her ears with them. Trust me this was a bonding moment between me and her when I “showed” her how to use them (as my French is sooo not good enough to explain that).

Anyway lets see how this goes…. and I guess I can always save face by telling myself I wrote this blog for my children.


  1. frustratednester · March 17, 2016

    Whoop whoop! And thanks for the namecheck! x


  2. varsha · March 18, 2016

    Wauw Cecile you go girl!


  3. Suzanne · March 24, 2016

    Whooow COOL Cécile! I love the way you write! x Suzanne, je weet wel, die uit Bredizzl. 😀


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